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Wednesday, December 30, 2009
As New Year is coming we always feel that we want to change something. Playing around with different hairstyles and hair colors is definitely fun and harmless. Even if you make a crazy haircut don't panic, I promise you it will grow back. I found these images beautifully inspiring.
I have to tell you when it comes to my hair, size absolutely matters. My hair is somewhere between curly and straight having a happy life and living independently (or should I say careless) from my own will. I need to have a certain lenght to be able to shape it.
PhotobucketI'm in love with the different shades of red when it comes to hair colors and I love making beautiful curls with hot rolls! I swear to sassy and effortless hairstyles. I'm still collecting the courage to wear bows in my hair, until I collected enough I just adore this fancy solution.

Which photo has taken you the most?

Images: first image Jessica Stam for Numero Korea, second block images via Fashion Gone Rogue, third block images via MODELS.COM.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009
I like to share my favourite dream clutches over from NET-A-PORTER.COM. I'm madly in love with the MARNI Fabric frame clutch and the Roberto Cavalli one (which is unfortunately sold out).Photobucket
How much I adore these vibrant colors in the winter time! Love the MARNI Ruched suede pochette and of course I can hardly resist to this sexy JIMMY CHOO Candy acrylic shoulder clutch. I'm sure we can easily be the center of the attention on New Year's Eve with these gorgeous clutches.
Which one would you choose?
Sunday, December 27, 2009
I hope your Christmas was wonderful. We had a beautiful Christmas here in Norway, white and dreamy just like in a fairytale. I will stay another week here before I go to Budapest and will enjoy the outdoor fun in the snow (as I don't remember when was the last time I built a snowman...:-)

Thanks to our Norwegian family and friends for making my stay very pleasant. And many thanks to You for the nice Christmas messages and love. I see new followers on Absolutely Ladylike, believe me my dears it's like the best Christmas gift...thanks and welcome on board!

I love how the world stops for a moment around this time of the year...isn't it fantastic? Enjoy this calm and beautiful Sunday evening...

Photos: Lena Koller, stylist Eva Lindh, source here.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wishing you Merry Christmas darlings filled with love and joy. Thank you so much for being such wonderful friends, without your support this page wouldn't exist. Enjoy the holidays and see you in a couple of days.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I decided my Christmas Eve outfit will be very simple this year. I will wear black trousers/or skirt with a white cardigan, light make up and Carrie Bradshaw hair (sassy and effortless). Lately I find so much joy in simplicity (do you think it's ageing?). What will you wear on Christmas Eve?

Breathtakingly gorgeous photos by Kambiz, stylist Eva Lindh, images from here.

Monday, December 21, 2009

"A Christmas candle is a lovely thing. It makes no noise at all, but softly gives itself away."

Eva Logue

Ps: I'm shocked by the fact, after Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and the gorgeous Daul Kim, that Brittany Murphy also left us...it makes me feel, this world is a killer of talents. And I'm sorry but I still can't get over on that, people these days are sending out their deepest condolences on Twitter. What a world...

Saturday, December 19, 2009
This is my last post about gifting tips for this year. I hope you enjoyed this series and that it was at least a little bit helpful on the inspirational level. I enjoyed so much editing these posts for you as it really made the "Pre-Christmas" time so much fun for me.
As I mentioned in an earlier post I love this store and just wanted to share this fabulous handbag holder with you (picture above). What an idea right? And of course the personalized lollipops...my all time favourites.

Wishing you a peaceful weekend darlings, even if I know most of us are having a very stressful time in this last weekend before Christmas. Keep calm and carry on!

Friday, December 18, 2009
Scented candles are inevitably my favourite home accessories for the winter time. When I found this pink candle with the little black bow from Agent Provocateur it was love at first sight. They smells heavenly and I found other sexy and fun items in their bath & body collection...
You can find these products here: Agent Provocateur Bath & Body and I also love to visit FragranceNet.com cause they have a huge selection and fantastic price for most of the perfumes and beauty products.

Ps: I arrived safely to Norway. My trip was 30 hours long all together and I was very disappointed in Brussel's airport. I will set up a travelling blog next year and will write merciless reviews about airports I promise.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009
As many of you know I'm in love with fashion illustrations. One of my favourite is Brooklit's Shop from Etsy.com. I love her cheerful and pretty illustrations and they are a real piece of eye candy with a beautiful frame. Surprise yourself or someone with these beauties.
I can't believe it's almost Christmas. I still have a couple of gifting suggestions left and I know it's probably a little too late for Christmas shopping but I will post them anyway later this week. I'm flying to Norway today where I will spend the holiday season. Thank you so much for your lovely comments and beautiful emails. I can't believe how wonderful you are, really. I just want you to know that I will not be able to visit your pages before this weekend but I will catch up with you as soon as possible. Many thanks for understanding and for making this holiday season even sweeter for me with your companion.

Monday, December 14, 2009
I am always happy to discovering shops with insanely luxurious and unique items. Reverie Daydream Boutique is one of my latest favourite. These beautiful earth-friendly products are made by different artisans around the world and behind every product is a story, someone else's dream come to life. Look at these gorgeous details, you can feel the love these items were made with. And the best is yet to come...

The lovely owner of this gorgeous shop Melissa has offered 10% off to my readers from all 7oz. Marianella Soap Bars (which you can find here) and 10% off from any of the O'Susanna Lavender Eye Pillows (picture above) which coming in 3 different colors and scented with heavenly lavender (you will find them here). Thank you so much Melissa!

Enter LADYLIKE in the coupon code area at check out. Offer code valid until December 20th.

Have an insanely luxurious Monday dear ladies and let me know which item has taken your heart the most !

Sunday, December 13, 2009
As I passed by on one of my favourite blog Haute Design by the lovely Sarah Klassen, I couldn't resist not to borrow these breathtakingly beautiful Mario Sierra shots. Hope you enjoy them just as much as I do.

Image by: Mario Sierra via Haute Design

Thursday, December 10, 2009
I just discovered this shop a couple of days ago and I love these cute gifts. They ship internationally and they have a huge selection of little gifts. They also sharing fantastic gifting tips and decor inspirations. I would love to surprise my friends with the lollipop, I think they look so pretty with the satin bow...

You will find these items here. Have fun!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009
As an "ex-musician" (but forever a musician in my heart) this blog would not be complete without sharing my favourites with you. I'm so happy Barbra Streisand has finally published a new album (Love is the Answer) this year. The quality and the beauty of this record secured by Barbra itself and the producer and co-producer Diana Krall and Tommy LiPuma. If you buy this album you will find a note inside from Barbra where she's talking beautifully about her experiences of making this album. I think it's a perfect present for anyone who loves quality music.

" Love is the answer, finding someone to love is the answer"

(Beautiful quote from Barbra Streisand)
And here is a small selection of some of my favourite artists. I love listening their music all year but especially this season and around Christmas. They always put me into that cheerful and sentimental mood which takes Christmas celebration even into a more beautiful level.

If you have never experienced Renee Olstead's music I highly recommend to do. This young girl in her age of 15th has already worked with the biggest names (such as David Foster) and her music and voice is simply unbelievably gorgeous! It always captures me when somebody at this young age already has the intelligence to use her voice together with the music in a right way...that's what we call talent to born with (I guess).

Who are your favourites of this season?

Monday, December 7, 2009

I am a spring fan but I find plenty of beauty of this time of the year as well. I love the snow covered landscape, reading a good book and drinking hot chocolate next to the fire place. December is also the time of our most beautiful celebration: Christmas. Gifting is a lovely thing and each year I'm touched by the fact: Giving is much more pleasure than receiving. What do you love the most about this time of the year?

Collage by me, images via the The Cinderella Project

Friday, December 4, 2009
Shoe: Christian Louboutin Feather and Satin Pump
Thursday, December 3, 2009
Sure I would be thrilled to see these breathtakingly beautiful books under the Christmas tree. I can easily occupy myself with them for at least a couple of weeks (and I mean continuously). I think gifting any of these books is a fabulous way to surprise a lady. Which one would you be happy for?

You can purchase the Dior book from Farid Chenoune here, and the Valentino: Themes and Variations book from Pamela Golbin here.

Images via Amazon.com
Wednesday, December 2, 2009
I will keep this post short and simple. Thank you so much for enjoying my ladylike journey together with me here on my blog. I designed this card a couple of months ago and was keeping it for this special post. Save it and I hope every time you look at it you will feel the love I was putting into those characters. Stay tuned cause the first giveaway will coming shortly on Absolutely Ladylike and all I can promise is that: it will be something absolutely irresistible.
Sunday, November 29, 2009

My dears, I hope you having a lovely weekend filled with the spirit of Thanksgiving. Those who driving these days to visit families and friends take a very good care on the roads. I'm thankful for many things in my life and was setting up a new sleeping record to myself: just slept 20 hours continuously yesterday, can you believe that? I guess I was exhausted...does anyone slept more than me? (I don't think so lol.) See you next week!

Image by Arturo Elena (just found some original artwork and prints from this fantastic artist here)
Friday, November 27, 2009
I wanted to post about this year's Elie Saab fall couture show many months ago. However I feel that these beautiful white creations are still perfect subjects for a fashion post around this time of the year, when we slowly get into the holiday spirit and soon can expect some snow flakes outside.
Wearing these gorgeous Saab creations we all would look like angels from heaven...don't you think?

Images via style.com

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