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Friday, February 27, 2009
I guess you all remember that great song of Whitney Houston from 1987 (I Wanna Dance with Somebody). Today is Friday and I definitely have that "I wanna dance with somebody" feeling (mostly the dance part of course). I was such a good girl last weeks so all I need is to get some pretty dress and heels, get out and have fun. By the way I'm doing very well with my bad habits (the fighting against them), that's the reason I like to rewarding myself a lil'. Pity it's cold and raini in Ningbo today. But that won't stop to have fun a self-confident, strong women (who is busy with fighting against her bad habits all week). Right? :-)

For a good dance you'll always need a good shoes too...of course.

Image from Dior and from my private album.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009
My absolute winners are: Angelina Jolie in black strapless Elie Saab gown, emerald Lorraine Schwartz earrings, and a marvelous matching cocktail ring. She is sexy yet sophisticated. Sarah Jessica Parker in Dior haute couture. The critics didn't value SJP's dress so much but, I think it's suits her perfectly.

Evan Rachel Wood in an exquisite Elie Saab haute couture frock, dark nails, and sleek 'do. Taraji P. Henson in a Roberto Cavalli strapless gown and Fred Leighton statement neklace. Both dresses are fabulous.

Alicia Keys in Armani Prive strapless chiffon frock. Marisa Tomei in a pearl-grey Versace Atelier satin organza gown, and Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry.

Natalie Portman in a purple Rodarte dress and jewels courtesy of Kwiat. Critics also undervalued Nataile Portman's dress, they said it looks "cheap". But I like it on her, I think it's simple and elegant. I agree that the dark nails didn't really go with this dress.
Queen Latifah in a blue dress from Georges Chakras's Spring '09 collection. By the way it's nice to see some curves finally on the red carpet after endless row of starving stars...

Photos taken by Steve Granitz, Kevork Djansezian, Jason Merritt, John Shearer and Jeff Vespa, on the 81st Annual Academy Award at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, CA.
Monday, February 23, 2009
Movie "Slumdog Millionaire" won 8 Oscars including Best Directing, Best Picture, Best Music. "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button" won 3 Oscars for the Art Direction, Visual Effects and Makeup. Best actor Sean Penn ("Milk"), best actress Kate Winslet ("The Reader"). Best Actress in a Supporting Role, Penelope Cruz ("Vicky Cristina Barcelona"), Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Heath Ledger ("The Dark Knight"). Best Costume Design, "The Duchess" (I love that movie). Best Foreign Language Film, "Departures" (Japan).

My favourite picture from the event is when the two goddess kissing each other. I adore both.

Sophia Loren and Meryl Streep, they look gorgeous (Sophia's dress is not the best this time, but she's fabulous anyway).

Congratulations for Penelope Cruz, Sean Penn and Kate Winslet (I went for Kate and Penelope, I love them).

Great moments from the 2009 Vanity Fair Oscar Party, Gwen Stefani, Rachel Weisz and Gavin Rossdale (I love Gwen's hair)...

...and of course our "Carrie Bradsaw Forever" Sarah Jessica Parker in her gorgeous Dior haute cotoure dress with her husband Matthew Broderick.

More info about The Oscars at http://www.oscar.com/

Photos by John Shearer, Steve Granitz and Jeff Vespa

Sunday, February 22, 2009
Booty Parlor Dust-Up Kissable Body Shimmer

Enjoy this "easy" Sunday and don't forget to have some sexy little things around you...

Sexy Little Things Ooh La La Illumintaing Body Lotion

Sexy Little Things Ooh La La Sparkling Body Powder

All items are available at www.victoriassecret.com

Friday, February 20, 2009
The weekend is here and if it's weekend then let's have fun! I love this guy I think he's in great movies lately and he always plays hilarious loveable characters. Enjoy this funny pictures about him with Heidi Klum. I'v already known that Will Ferrell is a funny knave but I think Heidi also shown a side of her what we never saw before.

Pictures taken in 2008, Los Angeles, California, photographer Andrew Macpherson, swimsuite by Red carter

Will Ferrell about Heidi Klum: "Hot. Yeah she's a wildcat"

How did Mrs. Ferrell feel about the photo shoot? :
"My wife is incredibly accepting of all these things. She just rolled with it. She came by the shoot and walked in right at the moment when I was biting Heidi's butt."

"Heidi kept trying to get me in my underwear. Begging, really..."

"...I had to say, "Believe me, I don't have a problem (disrobing), I do it a lot in my movies. But I'm riding the line of people who celebrate that and the people who are getting sick of it..."

"...There isn't a moratorium on pants removal, I'm just trying to be a little more judicious about it. It put me in the unimaginable position of turning Heidi Klum down when she asked me to take my pants off." :-)

Great Will Ferrell movies I recommend:

Step Brothers, Blades of Glory, Bewitched, Stranger Than Fiction

Have fun and enjoy your weekend.
Thursday, February 19, 2009
There are so many reasons to enjoy being a woman. Shoes are definitely one of them. And when I say shoes I'm talking about sexy sandals, dangerous high heels and extravagant boots. I know it's not the latest models from Dior, but I can't resist using these images to represent my enthusiasm for sexy and beautiful shoes. Ladies! Enjoy this great advantage of womanhood.

Images: Dior

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
As I get older more I realize when I'm fighting with my bad habits they are just chasing me down even harder. I know we all have problems around us, but I still think one of the biggest challenge in our life is to fight with ourself...I guess sometimes I just have to accept the fact that I'm not perfect and I will always have some bad habits, or I will do mistakes...Still, I decided to change some things around me and it's hard. It's hard because to make it in an effective way I have to be extremely patience to myself. I believe small changes in different parts of your life can makes sweeping changes in the long term.
All I need is to be PATIENCE, to give ATTENTION, and have enough INSISTENCE.

To keep this up, that's the hard part!

Photo from my private album.
Monday, February 16, 2009
Betsey Johnson loves pink, just like me. Somehow Monday is not my favourite day...It shouldn't be this way because Monday is just like any other day, however it weighs me down. I try to cheer up my Monday (and hopefully yours too) with this lovely pink home design from Betsey Johnson. I'm still not over on my "Valentine's Day mood", so I guess this post is a perfect start for a Pink Monday :-)

Saturday, February 14, 2009
Happy Valentine's Day everybody! The streets are very busy here, looks like Chinese are celebrating Valentine's Day just like us. Some restaurants have their special menues for 2 this weekend. There are beautiful flower bouquets in the flower shops and couples are walking on the streets holding each other tight. I'v had a very nice day together with Andre...

We tried this special Valentine's Day Ice Cream Fondue in Haagen Dazs. It was lovely.

Thursday, February 12, 2009
Finally I organised some pictures from Thailand. Our soul is still there...

This big Golden Buddha is probably the most famous landmark on Koh Samui, placed on a small island. The Buddha is 12 meters high placed at the top of 73 steps.

The amazing view next to the Golden Buddha, overlooking Koh Phangan and Maenam Beach.

Wat Leam Suwanaram, a beautiful garden with buddhist temples.

You can easily meet dragons in Asia...:-)

"Jao mae Kuan Im", sculpture of a Chinese lady Monk in a temple which is more than 100 years old.

We'v got lucky bracelets from the monks...

Love this sculpture with her 20 arms, she's holding Buddha above her head. Honestly this was my favourite one, and take a look at her nails on the feet...such a lady!

Wonderful Thai architect design, I love it!

Koh Samui is a wonderful place with friendly people, impressive culture, wonderful weather and great food. It has to be experienced!

Photos by me
Monday, February 9, 2009
"Everything feels absolutely right what is absolutely right for me..."

All the blogs I have been reading lately, people made lists about something. I felt I have to come up with a list too :-)So here is my "Absolutely Feels Right" list:

It Feels Absolutely Right...
...to be in Andre's arms.
...still love pink after thirty.
...to have some Hello Kitty stuff around.
...to wearing high heels.
...missing my parents sometimes.
...to cry on a movie or just cry sometimes.
...to love Will Ferrell movies.
...to have a good footmassage.
...still searching myself.
...not to be sure about everything!

"...and I feel like this after a chinese footmassage."

Thursday, February 5, 2009
Valentine's Day is coming and women can't have enough sexy items in their boudoir so use this day as another reason to buy more breath-taking lingeries. Check out www.victoriassecret.com if you want some appetizer for sexy lingeries. There are also lovely things you can use to spoil each other with your beloved one (especially yourself of course). Men will never understand why we love these "useless" items. Here are some explanations:

Sexy Little Things Noir Eau De Parfume

...we love it because we can refill this pretty bottle.

Sexy Little Things Noir Scented Body Powder
...we love it because it has a lovely box :-)

Booty Parlor Don't Stop Massage Candle 
...we love it, in case the electricity bill wasn't paid on time.

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