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Wednesday, March 25, 2009
I have some problems on blogspot lately. I can't open the SITST page the last days and can't open some blog pages. Does anybody know what happening around here? Before I go crazy...Give me some love please and let me know if you have the same experience. I go to drink some tea...and hope tomorrow will be better (but that's what I thought yesterday and today was just the same, so I screaming for help and support). Love: Evi


Rebecca said...

mine did the same, and then it wouldnt open my own blog all my posts disapeared, if that happens just go on edit posts and re save one of them and they come back, its a nightmare
hope you get it sortedxxxxx

Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

I'm sorry your blogspot is not acting right today? I went to the SITST page and it's working fine for me? I HATE computer gliches!!! So I really do feel for ya!

Your site is beautiful and guess what I am Hungarian! My great grandparents came to America on a boat into Ellis Island many moons ago! So my grandmother spoke Hungarian and had to learn English - she struggled a bit in school. But now that I am the third generation we've lost most of our ethnicity! We still cook a few Hungarian dishes and every now and then I hear a Hungarian word out of her mouth when she's frustrated! But that's rare these days!

Hope your computer is working soon!!!

Unknown said...

Oh there is nothing worse than blogger problems--my entire site disappeared last week for a few hours. It's crazy-making. So sorry to hear you're having problems, hope you have a nice cup of tea and distract yourself. It usually works itself out in the end.

p.s. thank you for all your kind comments over at my blog!

Kata Wagner Berg said...

Draga Evi!
Mar megint elvagyok tunve egy kicsit...ha jon a baj akkor csostul,tudod :( Frode inyszalagszakasas a lababan, fogorvos gyokerkezeles, en meg most tejlazzal kuszkodok. Nem ertem miert kapunk ennyi rosszat :(
Viszont Sean jol van...egyre tobbet eszik, es sokat alszik.
Frode segit a bloggolassal,szoval en nem tudom ,hogy mikor mukodik es mi...le vagyok maradva.
Faradt vagyo,ezert gondoltam gyorsan irok par mondatot inkabb magyarul,igy egyszeubb volt most :
Sok puszi!!!

Unknown said...

G'day Miss Eve... I do not know what your problem might be, my blog/web appears to be working fine. I will hope that tomorrow it will truly be better for you! I know how frustrating computer issues can be.

Rachel said...

Ugh i'm not sure what's up with the glitches but it's so annoying isn't it?? I can't figure out how to put columns on both sides of my blog or how to stop cutting off the right side of the videos I post!!

Rachel said...

P.S. I just wanted to let you know I left you a little present on my blog!

Tracey said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and visiting me..I really like when people stop by and I try to take the time to visit each person. Please stop back by and I'll make sure I do the same...blessings.. tracey

Absolutely Ladylike said...

Thanks for the support girls, it's really nice...Something is wrong here, and I'm mostly sad about the SITS page what I can't open anymore...I've met so many nice people there and I loved that page...pretty annoying. Wish you a great weekend and see you around, love: Evi

Labour of Love said...

oh...Evi...i know what you mean about these types of computer issues...they sure can get you bunched up+ in a tizzy, huh...not too much of a computer whiz but i'm hoping everything goes well...having a cuppa tea sure will soothe your soule and i'm hoping tomorrow will be a better day!

ps...thank you so very much for stopping by my lil' world and leaving such sweet comments...i'm happy my pics gave you some comfort...i agree wholeheartedly with Tracey...thank you so much for taking the time to visit with me and i look forward to seeing more of your captivating world...love all the fashion, star pics/stories and beautiful posts-simply inspirational! pps...would love to hear some of your music...you have really great taste...it's so nice-we love some of the same musicians...happy weekend! xoxo jo ;)

Absolutely Ladylike said...

Thanks a lot again for these extremely kind words :-) I found out I have problem with the Chinese internet connection. They like to censore pages, which is really annoying sometimes, because I could open everything for many weeks, and suddenly now I can't...What is the criteria for censoring God knows. What's wrong can be with the SITS page and other lovely blog pages? At the same time I get the most spam from Chinese pages...No comment.

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