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Sunday, May 31, 2009
Image via Under Lock and Key
May is over and no doubt about that May is my absolute favourite month. It's hard to say goodbye. As I passed by your lovely blogs, I've collected some of my favourite "May images".

I love May because it's the time when nature is awaking, flowers are blossoming and birds start to sing again. I love listening to that (how cute is this picture right?).

May is about flowers flowers flowers (love their fragrances mmmmm)...

Image via Frou Frou Fashionista Luxury Lingerie Blog
...and sandals, sandals, sandals, with sassy nail colors
(my favourites are the shades of pink and purple).

Image via Chelsea Ann Coconut
Oh yes, and I love May because it's finally raspberry and strawberry time
(strawberry with cream...mmm...it's hard to resist).


The Socialite said...

I love May too! it's never too hot or cold, the flowers are in bloom and it makes you anticipate summer! :)

Adele said...

hey there! thank you for your comment (: those pictures are pink and perfect. and I can't believe you live in China! I can speak the language but I could never imagine being daring enough to do so. kudos to you (:

Gracie said...

That last photo is so delicious!

Love Grace.

~ ennui ~ said...

Love this blog!! You find the best images- it's like a feast for my eyes!

Oz Girl said...

I love the first photo for its beauty, so stunning. And the last photo for its deelish factor. :)

I too love the pinks and purples on toes... I'm a fan of keeping the toes looking "hot" in the sumertime.

Thanks Miss Evie for all your lovely comments on my blogs, you are just the sweetest! I hope you had a lovely weekend.


Ash Fox said...

may is one of the most lovely months. i love the pink overload. cherry blossoms galore.

juicy j said...

these pictures are beautiful. i love your blog, its so girly love it. thanks for the compliments on mine. your profile pic is also gorgeeouuss! :))))))

Kristin said...

What gorgeus pictures and all devoted to my very favorite color.

bananas. said...

aww now i miss may! such a pretty pictures.

valentine said...

may is my absolute favorite month, where we live, everything is in bloom, it finally warms up, but isn't summer hot, absolutely perfect!

i also love the images you post on your blog, they are just so fantastic!

Kim said...

I love May too! But I'm definitely a die hard summer fan! Doesn't hurt that my bday is the first day of summer!

Ms. Bar B: said...

May is beautiful, but it brings allergies for me so I can't say i'm sad to see it go, lol.

Protege said...

I so agree with you! Beautiful images and a beautiful sentiments in this post.;))
I too love the season of strawberries.;))
Thank you for your very kind comments at my place.;))

Taryn said...

I love May too, Evi.
You always have the most beautiful images in your posts. This particular post was gorgeous! I just love the picture of the 'love birds'. Too precious!
I hope you are doing well.


josephine wayward said...

I love may as well and I'm sad it's over now :(.

Gabbi said...

Now I miss May too... what a gorgeous post!xo

Keith said...

I love May. It's the month that my wonderful sister was born in. Great photos.

Cadance said...

OH....I ♥ May too...and am sad to see it go...I'm sure we are a little bias because it is our Birthday month....? =) I am so glad there is many warm Summer days ahead though....can't wait to enjoy them!

love all the pictures...you always pick the best!

Fashion Moment said...

Wonderful! I tagged you today!


Kosmopolight said...

Beautiful pics!! I gave you a mention over at Kosmopolight today ;)

MaryRC said...

where do you find all these pictures? you should be a mag editor.

abby jenkins said...

I was noting, this morning, as I walked around the garden fully ablaze with flowers that I miss the early spring, when the tiniest crocus will inspire a hundred photos and a few blog entries. Now it's more like.. oh those hundred roses, that perfectly black iris...well not really but the sense of discovery and rebirth is not as strong. Only 11 more months 'till May!

NutriGirl said...

Beautiful and so girly! Like a candy dream.

LiLu said...

I'm with you, May is by far the best, although September can be absolutely lovely, too. We shall see...

caroline said...

the macaroons look yummy, and the birdies are so cute.

dapper kid said...

Wow, what an absolutely beautiful set of pictures :) May is always that first real feel of summer for me, it's so lovely.

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

Gorgeous images! That first one I have framed in my house! Hope you are well!


JackieRose said...

Wow these are such lovely picture especially the one with the birds...I'm sure gonna miss may from now on :)

NutriGirl said...

Oh, I love May. It's my favourite favourite month! Love all the things you've mentioned and also love it because I was born in May. :) x

Miss Eve said...

Looks like all of us love May for some reason :-) Maybe it's so precious for me because May is the month I was born. However it's the time of rebirth and "cutness"...and I love it. Just 11 months more... Thanks for the comments folks, much love: Evi

Alluring Interiors said...

Fabulous images...I love them all!

Morgan said...

How did you find such pretty font? I would love to change the font on my blog to something more delicate, but haven't seen anything like this.

Beautiful photos! Your blog is defiantly pink and ladylike!

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