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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Images by me (except image No.3 which is Eszter Poharnik's shot)


Images from web

Shanghai Tower will be ready in 2010 and will rise 632 meters (image No.1 and No.3).

4 important suggestions if you are in Shanghai:

Try Maglev (magnetic levitation train between Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Shanghai city). Very nice.

The taxi is cheap but use subway instead. Much much faster and it's clean.

Never let yourself lead by strangers in any big city in China. They can lead you to restaurants or tea houses and you can easily get a $500 bill...I warn you they can be very nice friendly young people...

If you have to go to the toilet in the city look for the international fast food reastaurants such us McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut. They have english toilets and they are clean. Traditional chinesee toilets...well that's another post :-)

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Iva said...

WOW!! these photos are remarkable! I am so taken aback by how stunning it is. LOL you are so funny!!! "best VS bra" LOL!!! hahah and....I look forward to the clean toilets post someday LOL

thank you so much!! what a great post!!


Susan said...

what a great post! thanks √Čvi :)
have a lovely week, xoxo

Protege said...

Oh, I so enjoyed this post! The pictures are absolutely stunning! I really think I would suffer from vertigo if I was the window cleaner.;)
I sure would love to try the Maglev, I am fascinated by trains. What an adventure it must be for you to live in China.;))
And you look gorgeous.;))

Sandra said...

great photos and great tips! I want to see SHANGHAI!!!


Fashion Moment said...

Oh la la... This is - Fabulous! Amazing... :)


The Townhouselady said...

Amazing photos. I felt like I just got to 'sight see' from the comfort of my home.

You had me laughing at the VS Push-up bra note. so funny!

Little Rus said...

Evi, first of all, you look adorable and sexy. Secondly, these photos are unbelievable! Thanks for sharing. Love. N. xxx

Little Rus said...

P.S. I love your choice of quote on the botton of the page.

Adele said...

what pretty photos! Shanghai is definitely next on my list to visit (: and yes I've heard many horror stories relating to how people get ripped off there! thank goodness the language barrier isn't a problem for me or I'd never dare travel to china! haha (; xx

Sher said...

I was told by a business associate from China(who visited last week) that I should go to Hong Kong first. It only takes one day to get a Visa there. Then from there go to China. He's from Shenzhen.

Love your pictures! Those high rises are beautiful! I could never be a window washer LOL!

alyssa said...

awesome pictures!

Keith said...

Those are some great photos. I loved them all. Wow! It will gave quite a look at the city. Thanks for the tips. Definitely something to keep in mind. Have a great day.

Catanya said...

I would definitely love to visit Shangai! Your images are impressive!

diane said...

Whatever that window cleaner is paid, it's not enough.

Kristin said...

What gorgeous pictures! Love the foggy ones!

~ ennui ~ said...

Shanghai looks amazing and your photos are beautiful. Wonderful images and the photo of you...gorgeous!!!
Great tips for travelers as well!

Bradford said...

I especially like the World Financial Center photo. I've always wanted to go. Could one get by on speaking english alone?

Dying to know about the traditional Chinese toilets....do tell!

Brunch at Saks said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog- yours is just lovely! These photos are gorgeous- amazing! :) XOXO

Elizabeth Marie said...

WOW...I admire that window washer. NO way could I do that! It looks amazing though, what great pictures love!! And thank you for the toilet tip! :)

OceanDreams said...

Wow, those are amazing pictures! I have always wanted to go to Shaghai...my ex lived there when he was younger and was Chinese so we were going to go there at some point. Lol, not now obviously. I have been to Hong Kong and that was fantastic.

I love your photos - you got some really good angles! Also, that bra looks awesome! Go VS!

Savvy Mode SG said...

great suggestions. i will just stick to my friends who live there like glue.

Mrs. M. said...

gorgeous pics thanks for sharing!

Ali said...

Those photos are stunning! Thanks for sharing.

Jimena said...

Shanghai looks awesome ...it's one of the places i'd love to visit ;)

Ash Fox said...

these shots are blowing my mind!you are a talented photographer!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

These are such gorgeous photos. I've been meaning to make it up to China (currently live in Hong Kong) but need to get a visa first!

Toni Tones said...

I must say that the pictures o ur blog are so beautiful..x

Kim said...

Wow! Those pictures are amazing! I would not want to be those window washers, scary! And I have to agree with you about VS, I can't live without their push up bras!

Kosmopolight said...

Great photos! I haven't been to Shanghai yet, but I've been hearing wonderful things about the city, and this post makes me want to go even more. Thanks for sharing!

Lauren said...

I know I've probably said it before but your blog is beautiful! I adore it! The pictures on here are fantastic and gorgeous!


Jill said...

What amazing pictures. I had no idea Shanghai had so many amazing skyscrapers. Thanks for this post!

PinkBow said...

amazing photographs from what looks like an amazing city

noble beeyotch said...

wonderful photography!!

Londyn said...

Just ran across your blog - LOVE it! :)

sexy legs and body said...

These pictures are absolutely breathtaking!! There is not enough money in the world to convince me to wash those windows, I am way to scared of hights! Lovely blog, my first time here, will definately visit again.
Ps, I am scared of flying too! Really hate it...

Kado! said...

What beautiful photos....and what a sexy picture of you!! Yes! You DO have some fabulous boobs!!! Gotta ♥ a great bra! (I know I do!)

I can't wait to read your post about the Chinese toilets! I had no idea they were different...can't wait to learn more!

Oz Girl said...

Evi, you are gorgeous (and I am a proud wearer of the VS bras also, LOL)... your photos of Shanghai are stunning and make me want to visit someday. :)

Anonymous said...

pretty photos!

Miss Eve said...

Thanks for the comments girls...Shanghai is amazing and yes those window cleaner guys are doing a helluva job :-)

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Very nice place and gorgeous pictures!

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